Thursday, 16 June 2016

Church Camp

We spent a few days of the June holidays at church camp. There was a good mix of organised activities and free time and that worked well for our family.

I enjoyed activities which required us to work in groups. The ice breaker game was creative. Each of us had to write a letter from our names on a piece of paper. Using the letter, we formed words with other people in our groups. For the first category, we made random words. Subsequently, we had to spell names of fruits, places in Singapore, colours, food names and so on. We were given points for unique answers.

As the game progressed, we found we could not form words within our own group, so we had to work with other groups. At one point, we had to form the words Siglap Primary. Someone in the group noticed that we only had one P. The organisers did not realise that and was about to award us with points, but we were compelled by honesty to reveal our lack. That was a good opportunity to demonstrate integrity. 

Lyn, Jed and I also took part in an optional Bible quiz. Lyn knows the Bible very well but one segment required us to jump up quickly with our answers written on a whiteboard. We lost out in that segment as we had a very adept opponent, so we were ranked second. It was still fun. 

Every family in our cell group attended the camp and as all of us had young children, we planned a toddlers' programme together. On the first day, the adults and youths twisted balloons for the toddlers. The kids made pasta necklaces and did colouring. A granny volunteered to perform magic tricks. The second day was a little more structured. Our activities revolved around the theme of Noah's Ark. We played games and did crafts related to the theme. It was nice working together and I was glad for the opportunity.

On the spiritual side, I missed all the sermons since we were busy with the toddlers. Nevertheless, through the opening and closing address, I was reminded that we should be a beacon of light for Christ wherever we are placed. Whatever jobs we hold, we should live responsibly and glorify Jesus.

During our free time, we explored the delightful town of Melaka and its delectable food. I realised that my previous trips to Melaka were due to church camps and I have never quite explored the pretty historical town for what it is. I would love to drive back someday for a short holiday. Meanwhile, here are some shots for remembrance:

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