Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fraser's Hill with Kids

We spent 6 days and 5 nights on Fraser's Hill. Before the trip, I looked up Tripadvisor and saw that there were not many activities listed. Nevertheless, we had many unplanned lessons on nature and it helped that Lyn and our fellow travellers are bird enthusiasts who are able to identify feathered creatures readily.

Here are some of the activities which we enjoyed:

1) Birdwatching

Armed with binoculars and DSLRs, we spotted a number of birds commonly found on Fraser's Hill.

Chestnut-capped Laughing Thrush (Photo by Lyn)
Long-tailed Sibia (Photo by Lyn)
Silver-eared Mesia
2) Boating

The older kids in our party enjoyed the paddle boats at Allan's Water so much that each of them went twice. Little An and another toddler could not go as the height requirement was 107 cm so they could only watch their older siblings while enjoying some snacks. It cost RM9 to hire each boat for 15 minutes, but I suspect that we were given extra time and the kids were grateful. I got quite tired paddling and steering the boat but still enjoyed the tranquil surroundings.

3) Strawberry Picking

Next to Allan's Water was a nursery where we could pick strawberries. We were charged RM10 for twenty strawberries. The children were enthusiastic in their task and tried to pluck even the green unripe ones till we told them to look out for bright red ones. For dessert that evening, we enjoyed the sweet fruits.

4) Jeriau Waterfall

We did not drive to Fraser's Hill and there was only one taxi driver who served the whole hill, so we walked to most of our destinations. The walk from our lodging to the waterfall was 4.5 km and as the weather was cool, we enjoyed our trek. We sang and chatted along the way and felt accomplished when we finally saw the signboard that announced we had arrived at the waterfall. I would not say the waterfall was breathtaking, but the sound of waters gushing is always a balm to my ears, so I was glad we made the hike. I was equally glad that we had arranged for the taxi driver to pick us up from the waterfall, otherwise we would need to walk 4 km uphill with children and toddlers. If I were without children, I would gladly have made the hike.

5) Identifying Flowers and Plants

We saw many beautiful flowers and plants along the way and I tried to identify them on the internet. Here are some of God's pretty creations.

Day Lily
Angel's Trumpet

6) Afternoon Tea at Ye Olde Smokehouse

We all loved the scones at the Ye Olde Smokehouse, where we stayed at for three nights. Other palatable desserts include the brownie, the apple pie and the Bomb Alaska.

7) Horse Riding and Archery

At the paddock, the kids enjoyed horse-riding. Each child was charged RM6.50 to go one round, which lasted about 2 minutes. For the younger ones, they had to be accompanied by one adult and that cost RM11. Little An went with me and it was nice to share the experience of her first horse ride with her. (She has only ridden on a pony before.)

The children were excited to see that the paddock also offered archery at RM11 for 10 arrows. They waited patiently for their turn but were disappointed when told that they had to be 12 or above to shoot. We promised to bring them back when there were older.

8) Visit the Bird Interpretive Centre

To get into the centre, we had to obtain keys from Puncak Inn. The centre was informative and I learnt the different names of birds endemic to Fraser's Hill. There was also general information on birds and Lyn's cousin gave the kids an ad-hoc science lesson.

9) Playground

I have to mention the playground as the kids had so much fun there. It was an ordinary playground but it was great seeing how the children derived pleasure from the simple things in life.

10) Chilling at our Pretty Accommodations

I have saved the best for the last. Our accommodations far exceeded our expectations. We stayed at the Singapore House for two nights and found it to have lots of space for running around. We also requested for full board and had delicious home-cooked meals during our stay. There were paths for walking near the resort and some of us went on a night walk one night.

Our next accommodation was the Ye Olde Smokehouse. I instantly fell in love with the place, which had a cosy English feel. I even forgot I was in Malaysia as we sipped tea in the garden. We booked the honeymoon suites and there was a comfortable jacuzzi in each room.

Warm and cosy reception area
Our bedroom 
In-room jacuzzi
Other details
Closing Words

The cool temperature (16-24 degrees celsius) atop the hill was much welcomed and it made walks seem effortless. The kids had so much fun that they were reluctant to leave. The only qualm was the long journey there and back - it was probably good that we hired a van. Thank God for the awesome holiday. :)

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