Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mum's Cooking 3rd Edition

With a plethora of recipes online, cooking is so easy these days. I just need to follow instructions and absolutely no talent is needed. 

Here are 5 recipes I have tried and liked: 

1) Braised Oxtail Burguignon
Verdict: This is by far the best tasting dish I have cooked in my opinion, thanks to the wonderful recipe. :)

2) Roasted vegetables 
Recipe: Allrecipes.com
Verdict: My friend C prepared a similar dish for her family gathering and I thought it was a great and simple dish to serve. The rate at which the dish was eaten was a testament of its success. 

3) San Bei Ji 
Recipe: The Meat Men
Verdict: This dish was very easy and quick to prepare. The gravy was tasty but the taste did not quite soak through the chicken, so the chicken itself was bland. Perhaps I should marinate the chicken longer. 

4) Barramundi 
Verdict: I enjoyed the crispy texture and lemony taste of this fish and it was even more fantastic that I bought the fish at a 30% discount at a farmer's market. :) 

5) Fuyong Egg
Recipe: Rasamalaysia
Verdict: This dish contains meat, vegetables (not green and leafy ones though) and eggs. Can it get any healthier? 

Hope you'll have fun with these recipes too. :) 

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