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Party Garage X Floral Garage

Looking for party decor or room decor? This post is for you. :)

When I received Floral Garage's email which offered a DIY room / party decor kit, I was impressed by the pretty items on their website. However, I did not inherit my father's artistic genes (he was an artist and graphic designer) and was sceptical that I could put the kit to good use, so I took the longest time to reply the email. Finally, I decided to give it a shot and was glad I did.

In a subsequent email, Gladys (the person I corresponded with) sent me these lovely pictures of what to expect in the kit:

I was impressed by the pretty decorations and thought the children would love a room that looked cheery. I was given a choice of colours for the pom poms and tassels and had to select between flowers and leaves. It was a hard decision, but finally I chose colours that I thought would match the kids' room and went for flowers rather than leaves.

Gladys was really efficient. She replied my emails promptly and we soon received the kit.

Little An saw the contents first and could not wait to begin. On a free day, the kids and I sat around the kit and we decided to tackle the tassels and pom poms. We found that the materials had to be handled gently, so only J was involved while Little An supported by being around. J helped to fold the tassels according to the instructions given and to string the tassels together. I fluffed the pom poms by myself as again, the material needed gentle hands. And tada! This was our first attempt at utilising the party supplies:

Lyn came home and declared that the decor did not suit our living room, so we dismantled everything and transported the decor to the children's room. This was how the decor looked and still looks till this day (but without the pom poms):

Haha. I think it really shows my lack of artistic ability, but the children like it and that is all that matters. :)

Then there was the DIY floral backdrop. The flowers looked so pretty and I really wanted to put them to good use. An was with me and wanted to help, but finally decided that the task was too difficult. When I completed the decor, An said, "It's a heart shape" and smiled endearingly. Both J and Lyn said it was nice too. Phew!

Please pardon the messy bed.
The flowers could be removed easily and reused, so if you can keep changing their arrangement. I also realised that the flowers that were placed horizontally tended to drop but the rest of the flowers and leaves remained secure with the decorative tape that was provided in the kit. If you do try out the kit, hope this sharing of experience is useful. :)

If you are having an upcoming party or want to spruce up the rooms in your home and are interested to know more about these pretty stuff, do visit Party Garage's main party supplies page (Click on Shop Party Decor to see the tassels and pom poms) and their newly launched floral party decor. You may check out their DIY Floral Backdrop here. You may use the discount code PEA10 when you make purchases from Floral Garage. The code is valid till 31 Dec 2016.

I would like to thank Floral Garage for letting me have this opportunity to develop the artistic segment of my brain and Gladys for her very efficient and friendly service. :)


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