Friday, 5 August 2016

Little An Likes the Go Go Series for Preschoolers

My kids really like receiving parcels. When I unveiled the Go Go Series which arrived as a parcel, Little An's face lit up. Without hesitation, she flipped open the books and said she wanted to "do my work".

I chose the Tracing book for Little An to start with as it looked the simplest. She was enthusiastic in her task and completed a number of pages at one go. The first few pages were simple enough for her to do on her own.

Subsequently, the lines and curves she had to trace got more complex and this mother was all ready with an eraser and instructions on how to trace neatly on the dotted lines.

Despite my requests for tidiness, Little An really loves the books. There are also reward stickers provided and Little An likes choosing a sticker after every completed task.

Reward stickers

Subsequently, J took over the role of supervisor as Little An would take the books out to do while I was at work. J is a natural teacher and seems to like guiding An in completing the activities. Before I knew it, they had completed all the pages of the Tracing book!

Here are some sample activities from the other books that are enjoyable:

From the Cutting and Pasting book, this activity requires the child to cut out the hat, socks and school uniform and dress the girl and boy (not shown here) up for school. 

From the Life Skills book, parents are supposed to discuss with the child whether dinner or dessert come first. Parents can also remind the child to say "thank you" to the provider of the meal. 

This is from the Mazes book. I think Little An has difficulty using a pencil to draw the paths out of the mazes, so she is using her finger to do that for the moment. :)

In essence, 

If you'd like to check the Go Go Series out, 

1) The Digital trial version (iOS only) is available at:

2) The books are available for sale at:

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  • Play 'N' Learn: (Use the free shipping code: FOCDEL) (Access after 10 Aug as the store is having a National Day sale and these books are not included in the sale)
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