Little Passports {Review and Giveaway}

We were blessed with a 6-month subscription of Little Passports and had to choose among three subscription plans: World Edition (for ages 6 to 10), Early Explorers (for ages 3 to 5) and USA Edition (for ages 7 to 12). The World Edition was our selection as we thought J would benefit more from this.

Every month, J would await his Little Passports package eagerly. After receiving the monthly email informing us that the month's package had shipped, he would ask me to open the letter box every day. His face would light up when the package was found in the mail. Little An caught his enthusiasm and both of them would go "Yay! Little Passports!"

So what exactly is Little Passports and why were my children so excited about it?

The first delivery which came via courier contained a little suitcase, a world map, an introductory letter, a passport, a postcard and an activity sheet.

J was most interested in the world map. We promptly gave it a prominent spot on a wall in the living room and since then, it has attracted the attention of other children who have visited us. The map made J more aware of the locations of the seven continents and introduced him to countries he had not heard of before. Every month, he would drop a pin on the country he visits and this is how the map looks like currently:

J also did the activity sheet happily and tried to guess the country he would visit when the next package came.

Subsequently, each package came through the mail and consisted of a postcard, a letter, an activity sheet and an item that represented the country of the month.


As a testament of the effectiveness of Little Passports, we received the Brazil package a few months ago, and till now, J still remembers the primate that was featured on the postcard. He also learnt more about Mount Fuji and the Eiffel Tower and patiently uncovered the treasure that was hidden in a pyramid from the Egypt package.

Mr Archeologist hard at work

Tada! The hidden treasure has been uncovered.
J keeps the precious items neatly in the suitcase provided. The suitcase looks a lot more embellished with stickers and luggage tags from the various countries.

Besides the physical items, children can also access resources online. More information about the countries would be provided.

I thank Little Passports for giving J the opportunity to experience its useful subscription boxes and for the joy and knowledge they brought him.

There's more! I am happy to host a Giveaway! Little Passports is giving two 3-month subscriptions for a plan of your choice. Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below. All the best. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lianne Ong said…
I'm interested in the World Edition Gift Subscription so we can travel the world right in our living room! :)
Alys said…
I'm interested in Early Explorers. Been wondering whether to subscribe. This would be a perfect trial for us!
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this excellent resource! We can't wait to get our hands on it since I'm a temporary SAHM. Lots of time at home with the kiddo now.
Pea said…
Congrats on winning. :) Enjoy your extended time with the kids. :)

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