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When Things Go Very Wrong

I have been hit by a series of unfortunate events. While reversing into a parking lot, I hit a low barrier and half the car's bumper was ripped off. It was painful hearing the sound of metal getting mangled and everyone in the car went "Oh no!" with me.

To make things worse, Lyn's laptop could not start up and he had a looming deadline. My pair of glasses broke for a third time as I foolishly left it next to the mattress at night and one of my children rolled over it while sleeping. I also found out that I had offended someone and this revelation was made anonymously so I would never be able to make peace with the person.

What does one do when faced with one mishap after another? A friend shared the motto of her daughters' school and I found it very wise: Look up! I have no affiliation to the school so I am not sure if I interpreted the motto correctly, but I took it to mean: Look to God.

I decided to count my blessings instead and there are simply so many things to thank God for:

1) When I got into the car accident, J's immediate response was to keep calm and pray. I thank God for his faith in God.

2) On the evening after the car mishap, we decided to proceed with our plans to watch fireworks and the dazzling lights and family camaraderie were enough to quell our worries.

3) For that one negative feedback I received, there were plenty more encouraging ones. I am so thankful for those who took the time to write uplifting comments.

4) A student whom I taught at Primary 6 fourteen years ago invited me to his university convocation! He played the piano during the intermission and the execution was commendable. What was impressive was that he only started learning the piano during NS! He also told his family and friends that I was the most impactful teacher he ever had. I was so touched by the undeserved words and know that God must have placed this angel during this time to boost my morale.

5) J and An have been getting along well. J has started teaching his sister to play the piano and he is a really encouraging teacher.

6) J said his violin exam was a good experience. We would know the results much later but I am glad he enjoyed the process.

7) I needed some help from my colleagues and every single person I approached was helpful and encouraging.

I can go on but I will end with this partial verse:
"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith......." Hebrews 12:2 May we always remember to LOOK UP in all circumstances. :)


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