Wednesday, 12 October 2016

NEWater Visitor Centre

Dear J and An,

I have been meaning to bring you to the NEWater Visitor Centre and finally did last month. Our tour guide Aunty Sylvia was knowledgeable and we learnt a lot from our visit.

First, we watched a video on Singapore's water sources and learnt about the four taps in Singapore. Almost half of our water is imported from Malaysia and NEWater is used mainly for industrial purposes currently. Singapore also collects rain water in reservoirs and the water is treated so that it is safe for consumption. Desalination is the most expensive 'tap', if I remember correctly. After the video, Aunty Sylvia asked some questions and you were given water bottles as tokens. What generous gifts!

We were then brought to an area with interactive games and activities. You enjoyed this the most. J tried to beat the high score for the Water Heroes game and succeeded. Little An also enjoyed playing the same game albeit she was contented to choose her character and see it moving as she fiddled with the controls.

Alas! We were only given about 15 minutes there and everyone was reluctant to leave. We were comforted when Aunty Sylvia announced we were going to the Newater factory.

Once again, Aunty Sylvia gave a comprehensive description of what was done at each stage of water purification. There were also information panels around for our reading pleasure.

We were assured that NEWater is very safe for drinking but J refused to take the bottle of NEWater offered to us at the end of our visit as he was grossed out by the source of the water!

After thanking Aunty Sylvia for being a wonderful guide, we made our way out and were surprised that there was a children's playground. You played for awhile and that ended our visit to the NEWater Visitor Centre. As usual, we had a good time together. I love going on outings with you, my dears. :)


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