Friday, 7 October 2016

Seeing Saturn through a Telescope

J requested that I continue to blog about interesting places we go to. This post records our visit to the Science Centre Observatory on a Friday night.

We arrived at the Science Centre at about 7.45p.m. after dropping Lyn off for a meeting and navigating through a traffic jam. We grabbed a quick dinner at MacDonald's (which closed at 8p.m.!) and promptly made our way to the observatory.

When J was around three years old, I had brought him there, but he found the path towards the observatory deserted and requested to leave even before we got to our destination. This time, he was excited and skipped merrily. Little An caught his enthusiasm and looked like she was anticipating an adventure.

The observatory
There was quite a crowd but we managed to get the 8.15 slot. We joined the queue to see Saturn through a large telescope. At first, I did not realise that the small white object through the telescope was Saturn. Then, I made out the ring around the planet and was amazed. J knew at once that it was Saturn while Little An said she could not see anything.

Huge telescope in the observatory

Besides the large telescope, there were two other smaller telescopes and binoculars available. Volunteers were around to explain the viewings. There was a full moon when we went and one volunteer said the moon was too bright that night to be viewed directly through the telescope, so he helped us take a picture of the moon through the telescope and here it is:

The children were also delighted to do art and craft activities. Little An got a colouring sheet while J made a craft related to the phases of the moon.

It was a simple night out but we enjoyed ourselves. :) 

Note: The Science Centre Observatory is open every Friday from 7.45p.m. to 10p.m. More information can be obtained here

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