Saturday, 29 October 2016

She's Three

Dearest An,

You turned three this week and I am full of gratitude as I remember how God had blessed us with you after a long wait. Gege prayed for a sister and I prayed for a healthy child, and God answered our prayers and more. You have brought so much joy to us with your smiles and funny things you say.

While you started the year being reluctant to go to school, you now tell us happily about what you have learnt in school. You will break into Chinese songs that your teacher has taught, your favourite being 拔萝卜. Your Chinese teacher said this of you recently: 她年纪最小,可是话最多. She added that you sometimes exhibit a temper! I like it that you are responsive and chatty, but do be kind, patient and gentle as well. Actually, you are really sweet at home and Yipo who helps to look after you says you are very easy to care for. Hope this sweetness will characterise you everywhere you go.

You have also grown in ballet class. Videos of you taken in March showed that you got distracted at times. The latest videos provide evidence of your improved rhythmic sense and ability to focus. A relief teacher said two weeks ago that you followed instructions well and she thought you could be promoted to the dropoff class. Great job in being on task, my dear.

I realised that I spend less time with you this year than last year. I used to have two full mornings with you before you went to school. I pray that I will still be able to spend quality time with you when we are together and that I will not be distracted by tasks I need to accomplish and technology. Today was a good day, when I could read to you and play with the new toy I got for your birthday. It was an enjoyable time for me.

Knowing from experience that time will be limited once you go to primary school, I have tried to expose you to activities in various domains. We have done art and craft together, attended concerts and plays, taken part in the Cold Storage run and a baby race and gone to several places of interest together. This year, you have fed a giraffe, watched mermaids swim, seen dolphins up close, greeted the Sugar Plum fairy and Cinderella, just to name a few of our myriad activities. I pray you will grow up to be a well-rounder and may your talents and strengths be honed so that they can be used to serve Him.

I thank God for His favour upon you. You had several birthday wishes and lovely gifts from family and friends and I am just so grateful. You were thankful too - as you unwrapped each gift, you exclaimed "Wow, so nice!" May you continue to have a thankful spirit and to grow in favour with God and men, as well as in wisdom and stature.


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