Friday, 4 November 2016

A Fun Staycation at D'Resort

Dearest J and An,

I truly enjoyed our staycation at D'Resort last month and I thank you for your great company. Because it was so enjoyable, I thought I would write about our stay before it gets deleted from our memories.

When we got to our assigned room, we were surprised at the underwater theme as we had requested for a jungle themed room. However, all of us agreed that the underwater theme was great too and you started your exploration without ado. I think most kids would attack the loft bed first and that was what you did, even though we have a loft bed right at home. Soon after, you caught sight of a treasure box and started on a quest to count the number of sea creatures in the room as instructed.

How fun, but somehow we could not get the correct number of items. You were very pleased with the treasures in the box when Papa finally figured out the combination of the lock randomly.

As we had checked in late, I rushed you to change into your swimsuits and you promptly did. We could see the inviting Wild Wild Wet from our room and could not wait to go!

An was too young, so we only tried out the shiok river and the playground. The playground looked kiddy but we enjoyed the slides and getting splashed by the bucket which emptied itself every few minutes. We played till the park closed at 7 p.m. and since our tickets were valid till the next day, you requested to return to the park the next morning!

Despite being exhausted, we enjoyed our dinner and claimed our welcome drinks at the White Tangerine, which served pretty good carbonara and chicken cutlet. Pleased with the food, we went back for breakfast the next day.

It rained the next morning so we were confined to the resort. It was a blessing in disguise, as we found lovely photo spots on every level.

This was unanimously our favourite spot:

It was a beautiful reading space and although the collection of books was small, we all found something that interested us. J read part of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and I was only too happy to announce to him that I had the whole set of the Chronicles of Narnia waiting for him at home.

On the same level, recycled materials had been used to make lamps and decorative ornaments. How creative!

We could also see plenty of grey herons roosting on the trees of Pasir Ris Park from the resort and Papa regretted not bringing his DSLR. 

Before we knew it, it was time to check out. We had lunch at Downtown East before heading home. And guess what? The rain relented in the late afternoon and both of you requested to go to Wild Wild Wet again! I acceded to your request since we had complimentary tickets anyway and boy, did we have fun!

J suggested going to D'Resort again during the Dec holidays. Unfortunately, the themed rooms seem to be fully booked on the days we are free. Don't worry. I am sure we will be able to find suitable dates next year. :) Meanwhile, I am so glad that J's exams are over. Let's look forward to an awesome holiday ahead. 

Love and blessings, 
Mama. :)

Useful information: 
1) I paid $192++ for the room and got two-day complimentary tickets to Wild Wild Wet as an NTUC member. 

2) Check-in was hassle-free and took about a minute or two, contrary to reviews I had previously read. 

3) We paid $10 for an overnight parking ticket, which was valid till 7p.m. the next day. 

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