Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Boys' Day Out

Dearest J,

I had much fun going out with you, Aunty B and T on my day off last week. First on our day's itinerary was Charlotte's Web. Before we even got to the theatre, the traffic conditions made our hearts pump faster. The GPS did not help, as the ETA (estimated time of arrival) kept changing and most of our path was highlighted in red or orange! I thank God that you maintained your composure and helped me with navigation. I dropped you off while I went to park and although we were a teeny weeny bit late, we did not miss the show as the cast was apparently waiting for a school group to settle in. Praise God!

The show was highly entertaining. We had just finished reading the book that morning even though we have two copies of the book from a long time ago. When reading the book, we were amused by the geese's repetitions when they spoke (especially when Goose tried to spell 'terrific'). You were also inspired by Charlotte's kindness and how she went out of her way to help Wilbur survive. Wilbur reminded Templeton not to look out only for his own interest, but to care for others as well. You agreed to do volunteer work with me this holidays as we were discussing this part of the book.

Back to the show, you said your favourite character was Charlotte. I was very impressed by the actress who played Charlotte too. She was nimble and could still speak very well despite having to hang upside down and 'crawl around' at times. The actor who played Templeton assumed two other roles. I thought he was versatile and portrayed all his characters aptly and was proud that he was a friend I grew up with. He obliged us with an off-costume photo at the end and I was glad to see him again. The use of props was very clever. I particularly liked how the windmill was transformed into a ferris wheel during the carnival.

At lunch, you and T were at no loss for words. Both of you chatted merrily, then disappeared to play hide-and-seek. T came back with an M&M chocolate piece and shocked us with the account of how he obtained it.

As we spoke, we suddenly decided to continue our outing with a visit to the Pokemon Research Exhibition at the SEA aquarium! There, we had to choose the level of difficulty of our mission. I am not a Pokemon fan and know close to nothing about Pokemon (except the more common characters like Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle) so I chose the easiest level. So did Aunty B. You and T were more adventurous and were even contemplating the most challenging level. Aunty B and I convinced you to take on the level of mid difficulty.

It turned out that my mission was a no-brainer. My first clue was that my Pokemon was yellow in colour and that the tip of its tail had a different colour from his body. In my Pokemon notebook, there was only one that fitted the description!

Yours was a little tougher as your notebook did not have names, but just pictures of the Pokemons. After the last clue, you were pretty confident that yours was Wigglytuff and you were right! T guessed his correctly too, but we all had difficulty with Aunty B's. It seemed like there were conflicting clues with hers.

Since the admission tickets included a visit to the aquarium, we went there too. We go to the aquarium rather often so this time I told you to take note of the names of the sea animals in Chinese. I thought of that when Aunty B asked me what aquarium was in Chinese. Here are some of the words you learnt: 章鱼 (octopus), 海豚 (dolphin), 水母 (jellyfish) and 海星 (sea stars). Aquarium in Chinese is 水族馆. Actually, I had taught you these words when you were in kindergarten, but as the terms are not frequently used, you have forgotten all of them. I keep forgetting my aim of speaking in Mandarin with you too. Hope I will do so more often.

We parted with Aunty B and T at the aquarium. I appreciated being with you (and them) and hope you had a great time too. Thank God for you, my dearest son. :)

Mama. :)

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