Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Playeum - A World Full of Stories

Dearest J and An,

We were invited to the Playeum last weekend and even though our day's schedule was almost full, we decided to go as we had so much fun during our last visit.

It turned out that our decision was right. The theme of its current exhibit was 'A World Full of Stories'. Indeed, it provided much room for imagination and both of you enjoyed yourselves so much that you did not want to leave when it was time to.

Upon entering the venue, you were invited to draw on the blackboard using chalk. Little An was very pleased indeed and drew a monster (or so she termed it). She also helped me draw a rabbit. J, you came in later with Papa and both of you happily doodled on the board too. Wouldn't you like having a board like that at home so you can freely express your creativity? :)

This was your favourite station:

You seemed to like the texture of kinetic sand and made many sand structures. J tried to construct a story with the structures he built and requested that I snap as many pictures of his creations as possible. I can't wait for him to string his story together. An was happily interacting with the people around the table, much to my pleasure. 

At the recording station, J pretended to be a deejay and I thought he spoke clearly and confidently. It seems he rather likes the job of a deejay, as he enjoyed having his voice recorded at Kidzania's Kiss92 station too. Little An was also intrigued and introduced herself merrily using the microphone. 

The huge raft structure in the middle of the grounds inspired creativity. Little An took out a paddle and started belting out 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'. When it came to 'If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream!', one of the staff members told the children onboard to escape from the crocodile. Three kids including An fled swiftly to a nearby cave. It was nice to witness the pretend play. 

Speaking of caves, there was not one, but two of those! They allowed room for communication and imagination. One of them had tubes connected to funnels so the little ones could speak to one another from different ends of the cave. In the other cave, Little An pointed to an object and asked me what it was. I asked her what she thought it was and we began coming up with ideas. 

While J was busy making objects out of sand, An made a jellyfish but was too distracted to complete it. She was also delighted to draw on the glass walls and visiting the story cubes, which I thought was a great idea for children who could read. 

There were other activities at the Playeum that we could not complete. You could make puppets out of natural materials and cool tools were provided to aid the craftwork. There was a puppet theatre where you could showcase your work. The theatre even had a screen for the puppeteers to see how the puppets looked like from the audience's perspective and the lighting could be adjusted. How cool is that.

There was also a reading corner and a dress up corner, as well as a dark room where six of Singapore's best storytellers take turns to narrate stories. Like the previous exhibit, there was a postbox to drop your creative stories in. The management would put up interesting stories on its website. 

With so much to entertain, it was no wonder that you were reluctant to leave. Both of you said you would like to return to the Playeum and I was not surprised. 

Thank God and the Playeum for this wonderful opportunity to preview The World of Stories. We would be back. :)

Mama. :) 

P.S. For more information, please visit the the Playeum's website

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