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Stacey Goes to the National Gallery {"Review" and Giveaway}

Dearest An,

We have gone to the National Gallery a number of times, but we have mostly confined ourselves to the Keppel Centre for Art Education since that specially caters to children.

When I received Aunty Lianne's newest book 'Stacey Goes to the National Gallery', I was thrilled.

Just like the other Stacey books, it makes visiting the museum less daunting for children. In fact, I think the endearing illustrations and creative storyline may even make children request to join Stacey on her adventures.

When you saw the book, you asked me to read it to you not once but twice. As expected, when I told you we were going to the National Gallery, you were game.

During our visit, we found out from the museum staff that the paintings featured in the book were on Level 2. As we arrived at the gallery, the staff immediately asked us if I had brought you to the Keppel Centre. They probably thought the atas (upmarket) art gallery was not suitable for kids! I said we had gone to the Keppel Centre many times, but that day our aim was to find the paintings featured in the Stacey book.

I whipped out the Stacey book and they were mightily impressed. They said the book was a clever idea and helpfully told us where the paintings were located.

Two of the paintings were easily found. The first showed a Malay language lesson. The words on the blackboard were very faint and I would have missed them if Aunty Lianne had not mentioned them in her book. Of course, the panel at the side of the painting did have the words mentioned if one bothered to read it. While there, I made you repeat "Siapa nama kamu?" and "Di mana awak tinggal?" and you obliged. The staff said you were cute. :) In the book, Aunty Lianne revealed the meanings of the two sentences, albeit in the reverse order. Hope you can remember your first two Malay sentences. :)

A few steps away, we spotted the second painting. It showed illegal hawkers running away from inspectors. You looked a little frightened and asked if the man was going to come out of the picture, just like in the Stacey book. Of course he would not. :) The helpful museum staff asked if you knew what food the man in the painting was selling. Do you remember the answer?

As we made our way through the gallery, we saw many interesting art pieces. Perhaps when you are older, we could bring a sketchbook there and make sketches of the art pieces, just as Stacey did.

You were the one who spotted the Drying Salted Fish painting. Good job at being observant. We found out that the scene on the painting was printed on $50 notes and that the gibbons on another painting were featured on the notes as well. Once again, the staff on duty was eager to give us more information. He told us that in the early days of Singapore, salted fish was popular. Drying salted fish was a common sight at coastal areas like Pasir Panjang.

By this time of our visit, you requested to go to the Keppel Centre. However, we still had one more painting to find! Thankfully, we walked by a social table which had several artwork displayed. On it, we found the last painting, which was of the Singapore River. When we clicked on 'more', information of the painting appeared. There is even a kid version, where the explanation is easier to understand. You had fun clicking on pictures you liked and saving them. We could even arrange the pictures in a poster and email the poster to ourselves.

Finally, we did go to the Keppel Centre. I found two books on the artist of one of the paintings. Strange that I have never noticed them before! Here is one of them:

We had a wonderful outing and when I asked you that night what you enjoyed doing most, you said that you liked looking for the paintings in the Stacey book. Remember to thank Aunty Lianne for the book when you meet her!

You enjoyed building tents for our family and a house for Goldilocks at the Keppel Centre too. :)

Love you,

1) Thanks to Lianne's generosity, I have 2 Stacey Goes to the National Gallery books to give away. Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter to take part. Will be grateful if you could like the pages mentioned. The giveaway ends on 25 November at midnight. Do take part! :)

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