Sunday, 11 December 2016

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Dearest J and An,

There are simply so many interesting places to visit this holiday and in this letter, I write about our experience at Universal Studios, how God answered our prayer at Christmas Wonderland and the Christmas trail at the Science Centre.

Universal Studios

I had shown you pictures of the record-breaking Universal Journey earlier and all of us agreed that we wanted to personally witness the beautiful lights. So we went and we were enthralled!

There, An held up the ends of her skirt and danced merrily to the beat of the beautiful choral music. J caught An's dance fever and leapt around with a huge grin on his face. The atmosphere was surreal.

At Universal Studios, we were also thrilled by Santa's Village and the Christmas show. The moment we entered Santa's Village, we were warmly greeted by elves. One elf approached you and asked for help to decorate a parcel, which you willingly did. Then, trouble struck and a parcel had to be delivered quickly. It was tossed from one person to another and J was one of those who had to pass the parcel. It was really cool!

The Christmas show featured Sesame Street characters, minions, talented dancers and one very skilled acrobat. There was a surprise at the end of the show too that left the audience squealing in delight. Do you remember what it was?

After the Universal Journey, we had dinner at Slappy Cakes. Yummy! We always love their spaghetti bolognese and of course, what is a visit to Slappy Cakes without creating some pancakes on our own? I doodled Hello Kitty, a minion and a giraffe while J wrote the letter J and made some really miniscule pancakes. An made Cinderella's carriage. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

Alas, life is not always a bed of roses and disaster struck while we were on our way home. My tracker was dislocated from its strap and we could not find it anywhere along our path. J promptly prayed and I hoped for a miracle, but we left the grounds without the tracker. The loss dampened my mood, but I thank God for J's faith and that he was wise in handling the matter. He went back to Slappy Cakes by himself and told the staff what had happened. Then he left my number with the staff and requested that they called me if the tracker was found. He also told me to go and search the toilet again while he went to the foot of the escalator to check if anyone had accidentally kicked the tracker down. I was impressed with his quick thinking, organisational ability and confidence.

Christmas Wonderland

At Christmas Wonderland, we did experience a miracle. We had spent quite a lot of money on carnival games but did not win a single prize. J looked disappointed and I asked if he wanted to try praying and give the game a final shot. I prayed before we attempted to play again. This time, we not only won a prize, we won the biggest prize! Praise God!

We also enjoyed the view of the spallieri from the OCBC skyway and thankfully, there was not much crowd so we were not hurried to leave the skyway as we were on some special occasions. The pancakes I bought vanished in the blink of an eye as we enjoyed its fluffy texture and the accompanying Nutella.

Science Centre

The Science Centre was another place we enjoyed visiting. There, you did a Christmas trail and learned about sublimation, voltage and more. You saw how the smoke from dry ice condensed into liquid and you sped up the process by blowing. You also made a paper circuit and J tried soldering. J got more interested in coding and has been asking to do coding at home. You received a cool gift for completing the trail - a wrist gadget that lights up when you talk. We also brought home the key chains that we soldered.

Hope you both are enjoying this holiday as much as I am. :) Thank God for being with us too. :)


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