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What 2017 Holds

I was inspired to reflect on how I have been living my life based on a series of questions in this blog post. Upon reflecting, I realised that I have put a lot of effort in parenting and have read shelves full of parenting books and even children's books.

A few days ago, a sermon by John Ortberg challenged me to reconsider my priorities. In Luke 11:27,28, someone commended Jesus' mother for giving birth to him and for nursing him. Instead of acknowledging the praise heaped on Mary his mother, Jesus exhorted those who obeyed the word of God.

I have never given much thought to these verses, despite having read the book of Luke a number of times. In fact, I may even have dismissed the woman in the crowd as ludicrous for making such an irrelevant statement while Jesus was speaking. John Ortberg's insight was that Jesus deemed one's personal walk with God more important than his / her parenting responsibilities and it does appear to be so now that he has mentioned.

Thus, in…