Monday, 27 February 2017

Fun with Art

Dearest An, 

I love doing art and craft with you as you are often enthusiastic and earnest in the tasks assigned to you. 

Recently, we re-read stories from the Adventures of the Rainbow Fish and we painted fishes. I drew the outline and you painted the fishes with water colour. I think you did a great job painting within the lines and making the fishes attractive with different colours. You also helped to put the shiny scale on each fish. I hope the shiny scale reminds you to share what you have with others, just as Rainbow Fish shared his shiny scales with his friends. 

Here is an earlier craft we did on fishes: 

You patiently stuck the sequins onto the yellow fish and made it as beautiful as you could. Great job!

We did more painting after our visit to the Bird Park and after we read 'Let's Go Shopping, Peppa!" You chose to paint owls and flamingos and some of your favourite fruits during the painting sessions. Here are the products: 

Owl and flamingo

Onions, bananas and watermelon

I really think you put in commendable effort to paint neatly. Keep it up! 

We also had fun with plain old round stickers.  

I told you to create pictures using the stickers and as you stuck them on the sheet, you explained what you were making. At one point, you started to connect the stickers together and said you were doing a dot to dot activity. Then, you said you were forming a long choo choo train. You also made balloons. On the left side of the page, I was less imaginative than you and made minions, caterpillars and Elmo. At the bottom of the page, I tried to make an owl but you said it was a Cookie Monster Owl because it looked like a hybrid of Cookie Monster and an owl.

So you see, I really had fun doing art with you. Looking to more of such sessions with you. 

Love you, 
Mama. :) 

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