Friday, 3 February 2017

Hectic January

It was an eventful first month of the year. I became a student again (whilst still working) and experienced tackling assignments till wee hours, just as I did as a teenager and in my twenties. Thankfully, I am interested in the content of my studies so looking up information and thinking insightfully in these areas were actually exhilarating.

While being busy, I was reminded to take time to sit at His feet. One day, I only had 15 minutes to complete a task. I prayed and amazingly, an idea was conceived in that short time and I was able to look intelligent. May I not neglect to commune with Him daily. 

Home-wise, the Lord has also been gracious. I am thankful that Lyn engages the children in my absence. My ever kind aunt comes and helps with housework and I am appreciative. Sweet J has much more homework than before but he has been very eager to learn and I am gratified. Even Little An sits at our newly-purchased study desk and does her colouring work independently. J has been playing well with An recently and just yesterday, when playing a Bible Trivia for children, J encouraged An and gave her hints to her questions. An spontaneously said, "I love Gege." That was such a heart-warming moment. 

We also managed to include some family outings even though we all had added responsibility. We went on a Maritime Trail and found out that there was a lighthouse atop an HDB flat in Marine Terrace. We also saw how a flagstaff on Fort Canning was used to signal boats and learnt who the first five kings of Singapore were through an interesting comic strip by Lat. (The trails run every first and second Saturday of each month. More information can be found here.)

The Escher's exhibition at the Art Science Museum was also fun. We attended a workshop on tessellation and created an art piece each. J was intrigued by the 3D works displayed. After visiting Escher's exhibition, we went to Future World again. We could never tire of seeing our art work appear on walls and creating our own hopscotch. 

Our walk at the Botanic Gardens was a wonderful Science lesson. We saw a buffy fish owl perched on a tree, a heron, a water monitor and heard the white-breasted water hens creating a ruckus at the Foliage Garden. 

Photo by Lyn
We made pancakes a number of times and also a jelly hearts cake. 

Lastly, we visited relatives whom we have not met for sometime. A former student came to visit and it was nice meeting him again after 16 years. He said so many nice things about me which I could not remember at all but I was glad that I made a small difference in his life. Teaching is fulfilling. :)

It was a very busy month indeed, but we were happily busy and I thank God for that. :)

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