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Farm Outing

Dearest An,

Papa and I accompanied you on your school outing to Kin Yan Agrotech Farm. It was a fruitful trip. The moment we arrived, you watched a demonstration of aloe vera being cut. You got to taste the aloe vera and you grimaced when the jelly-like substance was placed on your tongue. It did not taste anything like the aloe vera pulp we find in desserts, reminding me of how much sugar our desserts contained.

The highlight of the trip came soon after the cutting demonstration. Every child was given a tray of soil to grow their own wheatgrass! You were taught how to prepare the soil by adding water before placing a layer of seeds on top.

You were told to water the grass twice a day and also learnt that water and sunlight are needed for plants to make food. You will learn later that chlorophyll and carbon dioxide are needed for the food-making process too. Science is interesting. :)

At the farm, you also saw different kinds of mushrooms grown. The onsite mart sold a variety of organ…