Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Memorable Day at District 21

The kids and I had an enjoyable time at District 21 in Putrajaya. We started out at the trampoline section and ten minutes was all it took to work out a sweat.

We proceeded to explore the rest of the unusual playground since there are a number of trampoline parks in Singapore and we wanted to maximise our time at District 21. Little An spotted a school bus and we agreed to climb it with her. I got 'stuck' in the slide connected to the bus and had to propel myself downwards due to my massive weight, but the kids zoomed down the slide easily.

Our next adventure was at the tubby slide, which was exhilarating. We have gone on similar slides in Penang and Melbourne. This one was shorter but steeper and I held on tightly to Little An as I was afraid she might fall off the donut. She was fearless and requested to slide again.

J was very interested in the maze, but Little An did not meet the minimum height requirement of 120 cm. J attempted the maze by himself but got lost midway and decided to retrace his steps. Later, we saw some boys entering the maze and J followed them in. This time, J emerged from the metallic structure beaming. He navigated the rest of the maze quickly and declared it was fun.

The metallic structure is the first part of the maze. It looks straightforward but the path goes up and down. 

The rest of the maze is in the open. The ball section was the toughest to us.

At this point, we were supposed to meet up with my mum, so we left the grounds to wait for her. When she arrived, Little An forgot all about her desire to climb the walls as she spotted an art shop next to District 21. She knew Popo would oblige her request to decorate an art piece and she was right. J and I returned to District 21 while Little An and Popo went to the art shop.

J immediately challenged me to go on the maze with him. I was sceptical as some parts looked narrow but I took on the challenge. Indeed, I had to squirm my way through some sections and I was perspiring profusely by the middle of the maze. Nevertheless, I was glad to have tried out the maze with J and he was encouraging along the way.

My favourite section was the Power Station. Singapore's equivalent would be the Clip and Climb at Tampines Hub. With plenty of walls and a restricted number of people at each entry, I managed to scale up three walls and could have done more, but I was preoccupied with cheering J on and taking photos of him.

J's confidence on the walls improved gradually. At first, he only wanted to climb to the middle of each wall. Then he realised that it was actually manageable, so he went higher and higher and completed three walls. He even climbed the structure below to the top many times and I was so proud of him.

We stayed at District 21 for 2.5 hours in all. It was Malaysian school holidays, so I had expected the place to be very crowded, but it was not. The only section we had to queue at was the Power Station, since only a fixed number of people were allowed in at each entry.

Both J and An said they enjoyed themselves but as for An, she was proudest of her art piece and she clutched it tightly wherever she went that day.

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