Saturday, 20 May 2017


J loves robotics and coding and was absolutely thrilled when Tink Tank offered a 3-hour workshop to him. Despite being taught Scratch in school, he was happy for more opportunities to tinker around with the programming language. My boss (and the Prime Minister) have conveyed the importance of learning coding, so I gladly signed him up for the session.

He attended the Tink Tank workshop in March. When I picked him up, he was playing the game he had created and asked if he could attend more workshops. The other boys at the workshop looked similarly engaged.

Tink Tank has prepared nine different workshops which will be conducted this June and July.

If you have yet to draft your holiday plans, you may want to consider their workshops.

After you have decided which workshop to attend, you may click the sign up button at the end of each workshop profile and complete the sign up on the designated Eventbrite page. Payment is through Tink Tank tokens, which can be purchased here. You will receive a confirmation email from Tink Tank once you have completed the registration and have made full payment.

Hope your children enjoy the workshop(s) if they do attend. :)

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