Thursday, 11 May 2017

Deliberate counting of blessings

Some circumstances led me to feel like a lousy parent today, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, I have decided to count my blessings in this blog post.

1) Little An and J have been making Mother's Day cards and gifts for me. So far, I have received one card from J with his profession that he loves me a lot. That card contained scientific information for the advancement of my knowledge!

In addition, J made me three paper aeroplanes. Haha. I was also blessed with several cards from An decorated with child-like scribbles.

2) We have made it a point to exercise in the evenings whenever we can and the fresh air amidst exam revision has done us good.

3) J has been quite good about studying and even requested for more revision papers. May the Lord bless his efforts.

4) I enjoyed a short outing with Little An today.

5) The family enjoyed the gyudon I cooked today.

Once I get started on counting my blessings, I realise I have been so blessed and one unpleasant situation should not dampen my mood and make me doubt myself. Also, He is my guide and I am just His instrument in this parenting journey. May He continually guide me as I continue to train them in the way they should go. :)

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