Sunday, 7 May 2017

Funny Things They Say


I had a hard knock on my head recently and suffered a number of dizzy spells thereafter. One day, I told the little one that my head was spinning. She touched my head worriedly and said, "No, it doesn't feel like your head is spinning to me."


The little one has difficulty falling asleep at night. She told Papa, "Falling asleep is very hard. First, you have to lie down. Then you have to close your eyes. Then you sleep. There are so many things to do."


Not too long ago, we attended the wedding of a friend who is of the same age as me. When J found out the person is as old as I am, he said, "So she can't have children." We realised that we had told him that I was too old to have any more kids and he assumed the same of that friend!

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