Monday, 14 August 2017

Let me share this whole new world with you

I was quite an avid reader in primary school although my selection of books was limited to a few authors. Somehow in teenage, I was too busy mugging and coping with CCA (or ECA as it was then known) and church - and I cannot remember life apart from these activities, so reading took a backseat. In my early adulthood, mysteries and Christian fiction intrigued me but I would not call myself a bookworm.

Reading "Caught Up in a Story" by Sarah Clarkson helped to re-ignite a passion for reading in me. Having studied children's literature in Oxford and having experienced how a life can be formed by stories, Sarah writes, "A mind outfitted with the many possible worlds presented in great stories is a mind that can invent, compose, or create a new song, a new painting, a new book; discover a new land; or form a new version of oneself." I have discovered her words to be so true and have been acquiring books for myself as well as for the children. Our bookshelves are overflowing! 


As a result, Little An and I have journeyed to the Buckingham Palace with Paddington (and Peppa Pig) and Dolphin Island with Sam, Sebbie, Dididi and Xandy. We have found ourselves interrupting Sleeping Beauty's sleep in Fairy Tales for Mr Barker and sliding down the rabbit hole with Alice. We have also learnt kindness from Rosie and the deplorable effects of war in Boxes for Katje

J goes to different places, sometimes by himself and sometimes with me. He has been slaying dragons with Cressida Cowell and travelling with Violet, Klaus and Sunny through their unfortunate events. He learnt empathy while reading about the plight of Auggie in Wonder and from listening to the different perspectives of the story's characters. We also explored the Secret Garden with Mary Lennox, Colin and Dickon. I was amazed by J's imagination when he played the role of a pirate and assigned his sister to be the guardian of cannons. 

While I show my children the world through books, I thought I would share my reading experiences with others too. I set up an instagram account featuring book reviews of books we have personally read. This is the first time I am sharing the instagram account (bookscurator). You are most welcome to drop by and do share your book finds with me too. :) 

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