Thursday, 31 August 2017

Teachers' Day

Having taught in a primary school for eleven years, I am well aware of the amount of time and effort a teacher has to sacrifice. Every Teachers' Day, my children would be tasked to make gifts for their teachers as well as write a personalised note to each one. This year, they personalised notebooks and even Little An completed the task by herself.

J had nine teachers to write to and he cheerfully did the task. I am thankful that he likes all his teachers. One of them, in particular, has been kind and caring. She gave him the role of subject captain and has roped him in to help another pupil in his work. I am happy that he has the opportunity to serve the class.

As for Little An, she said that every teacher was her favourite. It is no easy feat managing twenty impish younglings day after day and I must salute her teachers for doing that while maintaining good rapport with their students. I am also glad that Little An gives her English teacher a hug upon arriving at school every day and greets the other teachers cheerfully.

May the Lord continue to bless J's and An's teachers with joy and strength as they teach. May they have love and wisdom as they guide their charges. May all other teachers be greatly blessed too. :)

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