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Time to relook at assessments?

For my current course of study, I am required to complete four modules. Online quizzes were used as assessment methods in two of the modules I chose. In both modules, the quizzes were open-book. Most questions were thought-inducing rather than straightforward recall ones.

However, there was a great difference in my stress level when I sat the two quizzes. In one module, the quiz was not timed. I could take as long as I needed to answer the questions posed. I could mull over the questions and make my choices to the MCQs carefully. For the other module, we were given an hour to complete the quiz. We were told that if we did not submit the test in an hour, we would not be able to attempt the test again. From the moment I pressed the Begin button, my heart pounded crazily and even though the test was open-book, my flipping of the notes and books was haphazard as I was very conscious of time. As expected, my results were better in the untimed test.

Another difference was that I received im…


A Mama shared her concerns about her child with me a couple of weeks ago. One of her worries was that her child's grades were slipping and he seemed to blank out during tests despite knowing the content. Another friend shared she would punish her child for making careless mistakes during exams.

I realised that J fitted the description of the first Mama's child and that he made careless mistakes during exams as well. As J approaches tweenage, there seems to be other things I could be worried about. For one, a handful of his peers use expletives on social media. (I am glad he chose to leave some chat groups when he decided that they were meaningless.) I could very well be laden with cares, but I have chosen to trust the Lord. I do get worried at times, but whenever I commit my children to God, I am guarded by the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

Recently, I thought through the purpose of my parenting and concluded that I would like my children to grow into useful c…

The Assessment Book Writer

Dear J rarely runs out of things to do. During his free time, he is all too ready to read, create something (games for example) or sit his sister down to teach her something. Recently, he has taken to writing a mathematics assessment book for his little sister.

Here is one of the pages:

How endearing. :)

Our First Bento Box

J expressed interest in attending a free parent-child Bento making workshop at the Esplanade, but we were too late in signing up. Eventually, we "attended" a Bento-making tutorial via YouTube and this was our product:

Although the Bento paled in comparison with the guru's, it was gratifying to hear the children say that the food looked and tasted good. Thank God! Maybe we will have more Bento sets in the days to come. :)