Friday, 29 September 2017


A Mama shared her concerns about her child with me a couple of weeks ago. One of her worries was that her child's grades were slipping and he seemed to blank out during tests despite knowing the content. Another friend shared she would punish her child for making careless mistakes during exams.

I realised that J fitted the description of the first Mama's child and that he made careless mistakes during exams as well. As J approaches tweenage, there seems to be other things I could be worried about. For one, a handful of his peers use expletives on social media. (I am glad he chose to leave some chat groups when he decided that they were meaningless.) I could very well be laden with cares, but I have chosen to trust the Lord. I do get worried at times, but whenever I commit my children to God, I am guarded by the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

Recently, I thought through the purpose of my parenting and concluded that I would like my children to grow into useful citizens of God who would desire to serve Him with excellence in all they do. Rather than worrying how they would turn out, I decided to seize opportunities for them to serve Him. Thus, Lyndon and I encouraged J to use his ability in mathematics to coach younger students and he has been doing so weekly at a homework centre. We also coaxed him to take part in a musical to glorify God with his musical ability.

Regarding school grades, I absently-mindedly told J one day that he'd better get good grades for SA2 so he could enjoy his birthday celebration in November, then I retracted my statement and said that I just wanted him to do his best. J replied that both my statements stressed him. The stress from the first statement was obvious. For the latter, J explained that doing his best would mean working non-stop day and night and that would be too tiring. We came to an agreement that he would make a study plan each day and abide by it. On most days, he has been good about following his schedule. We thank God for his improvement in Chinese. Besides getting close to full marks for tingxie, he obtained 90% in his most recent Chinese test. It was a remarkable feat for him and I was most pleased when he said he had prayed for God's help.

I pray that I will continue to look at my children through the lens of God and to love them as He does. The cares of the world and the pressures all around can be overwhelming but we can cast all our cares upon Him for He cares for us.

Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.
I Peter 5 : 7

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