Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Princess Party

Dearest Little An,

We celebrated your 4th birthday with a Sofia the First themed party. Both you and Gege were enthusiastic in helping to prepare for the party. You both took the initiative to sweep and mop the floor and Gege helped with the balloons.

Gege also helped with baking cupcakes and here is our table's centrepiece:

During the party, we played Musical Chairs. I did not realise it before, but it was only at the party that you revealed you had won at Musical Chairs when you played it at school. You won again during your party! Good job at being alert and quick-responding.

We also had a jigsaw puzzle competition and painted papier mache. You had your first experience with a pinata and it was in the shape of a castle. We eventually had to break it open as the pinata was too sturdy. Gege collected many sweets, which were eventually distributed to your friends. We also played with bubbles towards the end of the party.

Due to the excitement and our non-stop activities during the weekend, you almost fell asleep during cake-cutting! To top it all, you had a tummy ache and looked quite miserable then! Poor you. Thank God you managed to enjoy the games and interaction with your friends before we brought the cake out.

I hope you enjoyed your party as much as I enjoyed executing it.

Lots of love,

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