Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Happy Birthday, Little Pie

Dearest Daughter,

You have brought so much joy to me. I love spending time with you as you are full of energy, cheer and sweetness. You are frequently singing and it is cute that you invent your own lyrics when you are not able to make out the actual words of a song.

Recently, when I was overcome with fatigue, you looked extremely concerned and asked if I needed a massage. You promptly took my hands and rubbed them.

You also love helping around the house. You put the milk powder into your cup of milk, wash your cup and bowl after meals sometimes and even sweep the floor.

I also enjoy bringing you out as you are always so enthusiastic and excited. Just this month, we have enjoyed outings to the Trickeye Museum and the National Museum (as well as other interesting events! Singapore is so exciting!). At the Trickeye Museum, we used the museum's AR app and you were so spontaneous in dancing or moving to the accompanying music. You wanted to be Katie from Katie and the Starry Night and you posed gamely at the Starry Night painting. You were imaginative at the Story of the Forest at the National Museum and pretended we were in a real forest as we walked in the Rotunda.

At home, my favourite activities with you are reading and painting. We have set up a small art gallery in our flat, featuring our recent art pieces and it cheers me up to look at the little corner. You also love doing all your activity books and it is amusing when you say "I need to do my work!", then arm yourself with all your books! You are really earnest as you work and I hope you will always love learning and continue to be conscientious when the work progresses to beyond spotting the differences, connecting dot to dot and word searches.

At Sunday School, you have graduated to the dropoff class and the teachers say you are independent in class. You have also progressed to individual lessons at violin. You used to practise more when you attended group lessons! Hope you will be motivated to practise more. I still hope to be able to play in a trio with Gege and you soon. We probably could, if you both would stand still and practise together. :)

Gege and you can be best of friends and you both would be talking to each other sweetly. Gege also patiently teaches you maths and has made you memorise nonsensical passwords, which you gladly obliged! You also help each other when needed. I wish I could completely eradicate sibling rivalry at times though, like when you both create a ruckus in the car over who should hold the cushions or over which CD to play! Do always be kind and gentle to each other, as you each only have one sibling!

I am glad to see you make friends quickly. When we were at the National Gallery, you made friends with a little girl and both of you pretended to collect and store food for winter, just like the ant did in the Ant and the Grasshopper. Even while having breakfast last week, you started chatting to the people sitting next to us. Keep being sociable.

I guess I could go on and on, reminiscing the times we have spent together, but I will end with a prayer. Dear Jesus, bless Little An wherever she goes and in whatever she does. May she know You more and more each day and grow to be more like You. May she shine like the stars in the sky, and be loving, joyful, peaceable, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and have self-control. Thank You for sending her to our family. Amen.

Love you lots,

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