Sunday, 1 October 2017


After my previous lengthy post about a rather weighty issue, I decided to write about something more light-hearted - my 'aunty' trip to JB to buy mooncakes. I bought avocado Hello Kitty mooncakes last year from JB City Square and regretted not buying more then, so this year, I took a bus across the causeway to purchase more. The avocado mooncakes whetted my tastebuds once again and they came with a very pretty My Melody cooler bag that makes me want to go on a picnic soon.

Since I already had my mooncake fix, I thought I had better not buy any from my homeland - the ones here are very costly! Until I saw the mooncakes from The Little House of Dreams. I could not resist those pretty things and purchased the rose lychee as well as the gula melaka flavours to try. I really loved them! They have been made with less sugar, yet they were fragrant. I also liked their soft textures (as opposed to lotus paste which sometimes hardens after being placed in the fridge).

I will not be buying any more mooncakes this year to protect my waistline from expanding further. But if I receive them, aha, that will be a different story. :)

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