Friday, 13 October 2017

Preparing for P4 Oral Exam

I mainly help J in Chinese revision but as he has not had an English oral exam since last year, I thought I had better go through some oral materials with him. It turned out to be enjoyable and I discovered things about him that I had never known before.

To protect his privacy, I will only reveal neutral information he shared. For one, I realised that he would like to go mountain trekking! Perhaps we should go to Bukit Timah hill soon to gain momentum before doing a mountain trek.

When asked who he looked up to, J said the first person he thought of was his sister, but as it was strange to look up to a 4-year-old, he made up an 11-year-old sister who helped with household chores instead! I was sad that he did not think of me but at least Little An immediately said 'Mama' when she was asked the same question at the National Gallery a couple of weeks ago. :)

Finally, when asked what he would do when he felt stressed, he said he would pray, but he could not say that during an oral exam as the examiner might not be a Christian. I told him it was perfectly fine to say what he actually did as the question required him to talk about his experiences.

I was glad to see that his teacher has prepared him for the exam sufficiently and that he enjoyed expressing his opinions and sharing his experiences.

I used this book to give him further practice:

We only managed to go through two practices from the book but upon flipping through the pages, I found the questions to be interesting and relevant. I bought the P6 book not because I am kiasu but since the format of J's oral exam is the same as the PSLE format, I thought it would be more worthwhile to purchase a book I could use for two years (Oct 2017 to Aug 2019). Hehe.

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