Friday, 10 November 2017

Self-studying for SA2

There were days in the past months when I had to work till late, so I helped J prepare a study schedule for the final exams. The schedule included a manageable amount of work he had to do each day for two weeks - revise two chapters of Chinese and do one subject's past-year paper. I was happy that J kept to the schedule on most days. I would say he did a pretty good job at self-revision and God rewarded him with 3 A*s in the SA2.

I found that having a fixed goal each day is less stressful than telling a student to do his best as there is a sense of accomplishment when that goal is reached.

The only subject J did not do well in was Chinese, so perhaps it is not possible to independently study when one is not proficient in the language of instruction. Maybe Chinese textbooks should have more English explanations for anglicised students like J. :p

All the same, thank God for His blessings and for responsible teachers. I could see the math teacher teaching useful strategies and the Chinese teacher was diligent and marked efficiently. J enjoyed his Science and English lessons too and he is tuition-free in all subjects. Thank God.

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