Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ten Years

Dearest J,

You are ten years old! I still remember the day you were born - how sweet you looked, how you were sent to the NICU because your cries softened to a whimper and how there was always a flow of relatives and friends coming to see you at the hospital. You are a young tween now. Where has all the time gone?

I thank God for His blessings on you. I am so glad to see that you love learning. You read beyond the textbooks and recently, you developed an interest for learning Greek. You started writing letters of the Greek alphabet and Greek words in a notebook and you were interested in the Groovy Greeks book I borrowed for you. At Sunday School, you are learning about church history and after church, you would give me a summary of what you have learnt. Last week, you learnt about the Reformation and you looked attentive as Papa gave you more information on it. You also eagerly wait for the Science Spy and +venture in Maths magazines to arrive in the mail and you make good use of them. Keep up the love for learning and do not be confined to the textbooks. :)

I also love how you are always creating something or other. There are stacks of paper in the study containing the games you create, the stories you write and even the music you compose. Keep the creative juices flowing, my dear son. :)

I was proud of you when I saw that all your friends have certain gadgets and yet you have never pestered us to buy them for you. You just obtained your first fidget spinner for your birthday and I never knew how much you wanted one till that day. You also mentioned that fidget spinners are outdated but you still treasured yours. I think it is a good trait not to covet for something just because other people have it.

You have grown in many ways. You are less shy than before and in fact, with familiar people, you are very confident. God has blessed you with a pleasant speaking voice and I pray that He will use you to spread His word and love to many, just as someone has prophesied before. I pray often that you will be strong and courageous and not be fearful of men. May you rise up as a godly leader.

I am glad to see you trusting God. You pray regarding your exams, for good traffic conditions, for Yipo's salvation and more. I pray that you will seek him with all your heart, just like Noah, Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Mishach and Abednego did in the past. You have moved the verses I wrote to your room recently. One of them reminds us that Noah obeyed everything the Lord commanded. He and his family were greatly blessed and they were the only ones who were saved from the flood. May you also be guided by his Word in a world where morality shifts.

This year, you did not have a grand birthday party. We had a celebration dinner for the family and you played board games with your cousins. Aunty ZY and Aunty Am celebrated your birthday at Slappy Cakes too. We also brought you and two of your classmates to Clip and Climb on your birthday. I was happy to see you enjoying yourself at each of these events. I hope you had a good time too.

I will end this letter with a prayer for you. Father God, please continue to watch over J. May he be strong and courageous. May he be steadfast like Daniel and may he be like Joseph, who knew that Your hand was upon him whether he was in the pit, Potiphar's house, the prison or the palace. May he be a man after Your own heart. May he grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men.

Lots of love,

P.S. Don't stop the bear hugs and sweet smiles from coming. I love them. :)   

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