Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Sound of Music

Dearest Little An,

Thank you for watching The Sound of Music with me. I vividly remember Popo bringing Dajiu and me to watch the movie Annie when I was much younger and I hope you will remember the first long musical we watched together. :)

Your face lit up when Maria and the children started to sing Do-Re-Mi. This was your favourite song in the whole musical. You also liked the part when one of the sisters sang, "Maria makes me laugh". You have been singing this line and breaking into adorable laughter ever since you learnt the song. At some points, you asked me what was going on. I could not explain every single thing to you during the show, but I have tried to explain the plot later. It is so nice to be able to share the experience with you. I guess you'll also remember sharing yoghurt from Llao Llao before the show and potato crisps during intermission with me! :)

For me, I have watched the show many times and we even own the DVD. However, I was still enthralled by the singing and enjoyed the performance. My favourite parts were when Mother Abbess herself broke into song and when she did not judge Maria from being different but instead encouraged her to find out what God's plan for her was. I was also touched when Psalm 121:1-2 was recited towards the end of the show. We know it in Chinese: 我要向高山举目,我的帮助从造天地的耶和华而来。The verse was apt as the Von Trapp family ascended the mountains, knowing that their help comes from the Lord.

Thank you once again for your company.

Love you lots,
Mama. :)

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