Friday, 29 December 2017

Reflecting on 2017

The year is coming to a close. The greatest change for me this year was that I embarked on a journey to attain a PhD. The road is not easy and I met with some challenges along the way. While practitioners I worked with had positive experiences with my methods, academics felt that I lacked theoretical backing and now I need to read more extensively. Through it all, I know the Lord is with me and there are many mini testimonies of how I have been blessed. I pray that my research will be useful and not just be a theoretical paper.

The children have also experienced God. J prayed during his tests and exams in semester 2 and was blessed with good results. He even got 100 marks for maths in the SA2. His overall marks was pulled down by Chinese and that alerted me that PSLE was as unforgiving. I pray that J will learn to persevere in his learning of Chinese and may his efforts be blessed. Aside, I thank God that he passed his Grade 4 violin exam and had the opportunity to take part in the Mathlympics. He was also glad to serve God on our mission trip and to give mathematics tuition to students who needed help. I pray that he will excel in every way, especially in the character domain. May his strengths be enhanced and his flaws be eradicated.

Little An has been learning ballet for two years and violin for a year. She loves dancing and singing and the home often feels cheerful with her songs. I pray that she will continue to be joyful and may she also be outward-looking and bless others whom she interacts with.

L is often busy. I pray that the Lord will grant him strength and use him mightily in his daily interaction with people. Next year, he will be heavily involved in missions. May the Lord use him as a mouthpiece and grant him wisdom and sensitivity as he reaches out.

May we all look up and out next year and fulfil His purpose for us. May you who are reading this be blessed too. :)

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