Saturday, 20 January 2018

Life's Purpose

Recently, I have been reminded through various platforms to reconsider what the purpose of life is. Even at an academic talk I attended, the speaker asked the audience why we thought humans were born.

I had previously given this issue serious thought in this post and at that time, I thought life was about letting our light shine before men, so that they may see our good works and glorifying our Father in heaven. During our mission trip in December, I saw many children and adults just whiling their time away. We were told that many men in the village had turned to drugs as they probably did not have other pastimes. I felt sad thinking that they might never have considered how they could make their lives count.

As I think about life's purpose afresh, I still feel that good works and contributing to the world are important, but besides that, loving God should be our first priority. I feel it is only through loving God that our desire to do good can be sustained. So, this year, besides encouraging J to help out younger students with their homework, I wish to have more family devotions. J had requested to discuss "Sticky Situations" and we used a "May the Force be with you" devotional during dinner a number of times, but we have been rather distracted in our efforts so far. May the Lord grant us the discipline to go on.

I am thankful that J knows the power of prayer and that Little An is conscious of Jesus. Before Little An's first Chinese enrichment class this year, she was apprehensive and kept telling us that she was tired. As she was brought into class, she looked like she could cry. J suddenly told me in comforting tones that Little An would be alright as he had just prayed for her. I was very encouraged! And true enough, when we returned to pick An up, we saw her happily participating in the activities and the teacher said she was responsive. Praise God!

As for Little An, she drew Jesus in a family picture. On another occasion, after she told me that she loved me and I responded, she said "I love you" again. When I asked her why she said it twice, she said she was talking to Jesus. This may seem odd to non-Christians but I was glad she knew she could commune with Him at all times.

May I myself be more prayerful and conscious of His presence. And may we all love God and our neighbours.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your might and love your neighbours as yourself.

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