Sunday, 25 February 2018

Platform 1094

Dear children,

I just wanted to record our meal at Platform 1094 (Address: 1094 Serangoon Road) for remembrance. When I first heard about this Harry Potter inspired restaurant, I thought J would be interested to check it out.

True enough, we enjoyed the ambience and you both were quite intrigued with the presentation of some food items. The stars on our butterscotch ale vanished in no time and Little An and I really enjoyed the spam fries served in a mini cauldron. The pork ribs were also tender and the meat could be easily scraped off the bones. Only Little An was game enough to try on and be photographed in the costumes provided though.

We have been going out much less than before as we are all much busier now, so I treasured this interesting meal we shared. It was a pity Papa had to work late that day. J was so sweet to suggest going there with Papa next time.

Love you,
Mama. :)

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