Friday, 16 March 2018

An Enjoyable Time at Buds by Shangri-la

A couple of weeks ago, I read a review on Shangri-La hotel's themed rooms and its newly opened indoor playground Buds and was very impressed. When we were invited for Buds' manyue (first month) party, I was certain my children would enjoy themselves and gladly accepted the invitation.

Sure enough, they had a whale of a time. The indoor playground had a huge ball pool and J and An held a 'swimming contest' to see who would reach the other end first.

They also enjoyed climbing up and sliding down the netting. They challenged themselves to climb up by not holding onto the sides and modified their rules as they got more familiar with the place. I was surprised to find out that adults were not allowed on the netting. Perhaps the netting was not built to withstand heavy weight. Nevertheless, the two children seemed independent in devising their own entertainment so I could relax while they played.

They also enjoyed other features of the playground, like the slides, the fireman's pole and the various climbing frames. There was a cassia seed play area, though my kids did not stay there for long. Toddlers have a designated play area, which looks safe and welcoming.

Toddlers' Area. Photo by Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Besides the indoor playground, there was also an outdoor play area for those who prefer a whiff of fresh air.

Earlier, we had been given four activities to choose from and the options were painting a dinosaur egg; singing and performing a skit; decorating cookies as well as listening to a story and doing a related craft. The kids were interested in everything, so I chose the activity for them. Decorating cookies was my choice and they happily performed their task. Little An in particular was very proud of the cookies she decorated and she generously distributed them among the family.

To end off the party, we were treated to a song and dance performance by the children who had chosen the stage activity. The manyue cake was cut and two children who were dressed in the theme of Moon and Stars were rewarded with prizes. It was a very pleasant afternoon indeed!

Below is some useful information if you would like to experience the fun we had:

Indoor Mon – Sun 9am to 9pm
Outdoor Mon – Sun 9am to 7pm

• Complimentary to Shangri-La Singapore hotel guests who book the Themed Family Suite and Family Deluxe Room
• For other Shangri-La Hotel, Apartment, restaurant and/or spa guests, entry is $28 per child (four to 12 years old), $18 for toddler (below four years old) inclusive of one adult.
• For non-hotel guests, entry is $48 for child (four to 12 years old), $28 for toddler (below four years old) inclusive of one adult, for three hours. Classes and Special activities are charged separately.

Other tips:
1) Anti-slip socks are required (for adults and children) at the indoor playground.
2) Please bring a change of clothes if you intend to play at the water play area.

For even more information, please visit the Buds website.

I would like to thank Shangri-La hotel and its marketing representative for the warm and thoughtful reception. All opinions stated in the blog stem from our experiences and no monetary compensation was received for this blog post.

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