Saturday, 24 March 2018

Sweet Siblings

Although the kids sometimes quarrel, there are many sweet moments between them. Little An has been asking me to make puppets of the Peppa Pig family but I kept citing 'no time' as an excuse. Guess who eventually made the puppets for her?

Sweet J not only made the puppets, he even built a house for the Pig family! He organised a painting session for his friend and sister and together, they completed the house.

The sweetness does not stop here. J has been saving money to buy the expansion pack of a game he enjoys. When he got to spend the money at the end of Term 1, he bought a gift for his sister too. It was a Sylvanian Families' piano and desk set, which Little An absolutely loves. During our Japan trip last year, J was given some money to spend. He mostly bought gifts for his sister and other members of the family with the money he was given. Bless his kind heart!

J also assigns work to his sister and marks it for her! Little An adores her brother and considers him her favourite person!

May God continue to let love be shared between them.

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