Sunday, 20 May 2018

Love is not selfish

The third point that was salient to me from A Mother's Heart was that love is not selfish. Jean writes about how her daughter was coughing while in bed. She herself was tired and prayed that her daughter would stop coughing so that she would not need to tend to her. Finally, she did attend to her daughter as she knew her daughter needed her.

I was reminded of my selfishness. It occurred on a few nights. Little An was trying to sleep when her sweet voice announced her thirst and that she would need a drink. I was in a comfortable position each time and would groan at the inconvenience of having to make my way to the kitchen.

My aunt is a great example of love. She tells me to concentrate on my studies while she does the housework for me! She commutes to my place by public transport and that probably takes more than half an hour each trip, yet she comes about thrice a week to offer her unconditional help. May I be as selfless to others!  

Love does not seek its own..... I  Corinthians 13 : 5

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