Saturday, 12 May 2018

Mother's Day

J woke up early today and summoned his sister to his room. She immediately followed him and I heard them whispering to each other. Soon, J approached me and said, "Mama, Happy Mother's Day! This is for you." He presented me with a shield. Later, he gave me another shield with a message written on its back. When I asked him why he gave me shields, he said that was the only thing he knew how to make in the craft book. I was touched nonetheless, as he had made the gift without anyone telling him to. His little sister followed suit and gave me a paper bracelet. :)

I thank God for the gift of motherhood. God has entrusted me to be the ambassador of two very dear ones and no other role I have undertaken has entailed this much responsibility. Thank God though for easing the job as these two have been generally good-natured and positive.

I thank God that we have the same interests. Recently, we started jamming together. Last night, J and I agreed to play Ode to Joy and Canon in D. Little An tried to join in too. She basically played two notes according to the rhythms of the songs and they blended! It was a fun time.

I also love it when J takes on the role of his sister's teacher. He has patiently taught her how to play some tunes on the piano. He also teaches her mathematics and marks work which he has assigned her. She adores him to bits except when he gets irritated with her occasionally.

As every parent would experience, some days are not as positive. For about one and a half weeks, the littler one has been crying in school. She claimed she was tired and would close her eyes in the car to prove her point. She truly had been having difficulty sleeping at night and would toss and turn for more than an hour before finally giving in to exhaustion. However, on a day when I felt she did have enough sleep, she still cried upon arriving at school. No one knew what was wrong and I began to wonder what I should do. She was disturbing her teachers and classmates with her crying. Lyndon feels that we can only pray as there is nothing else we can do. She is happy at home and well-loved by every family member. She has been sociable, bubbly and enthusiastic. Her teachers say she has friends to play with at school. In situations like this, all I can do is to pray and recognise that God loves her much more than I do.

I also pray that Lyndon and I will be able to guide our children with wisdom. I remember giving advice to my brother on which stream and school he should choose when we were younger and the advice turned out to be suitable for me, but not for him. He told me later that he would have preferred humanities to science subjects and would have probably excelled in a neighbourhood JC more than in the JC I had advised him to go to. Now that J is in Primary 5 and has to choose his secondary school at the end of next year, may I not impose my views on him, but seek the Lord for His will.

This Mother's Day, I pray I will be wise in training up my children in the way they should go. May I be a good role model and abide by His word in all that I do. May I be loving and patient and encouraging in my words. May I have wisdom to deal with difficult situations. May I have strength during tiring times. I pray the same for all other mothers. Happy Mother's Day. :)

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