Friday, 6 July 2018

The Happiest Place in the World

Dearest Little An,

You made your second visit to Hong Kong Disneyland in June and although the weather was not as fine as it was during your first visit and we did not see any princess making her photo rounds, you still enjoyed the trip.

This time, I decided to book a stay at the Disney Explorers' Lodge so that we need not make our way back to a distant hotel after a long day. That gave us time to enjoy the activities and food offered by the three Disneyland hotels and we were thrilled to take pictures with Goofy at the restaurant and at the lobby. We also liked exploring the grounds and maze of the Disneyland hotel and you asked me why we were not staying at that 'palace'. Indeed, many aspects like the majestic chandeliers and manicured gardens made the hotel resemble a palace. Perhaps if we ever visit again, I may consider a night's stay there.

This was the view from our room at the Explorers' Lodge. We were not deterred by the dark clouds and prayed that the weather would be perfect for us. 

You were so delighted with this Minnie cake that Popo got you.

We were captivated by the 'palace'.

When we got to Disneyland itself, we were informed that the outdoor rides were closed due to a typhoon. As we had prayed for perfect weather, we were confident that we could still have a great day. First on our itinerary was the Lion King show. You were frightened at certain parts, like when Scar and his hyenas were singing and dancing, and gripped my hand tightly. I assured you that the ending would be good. Personally, I enjoyed the whole performance and thought the actors were talented in singing and dancing. When some of our favourite songs like Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata were sung, I was tempted to sing along. :)

The outdoor rides remained closed till around 3 p.m., so we took the Winnie the Pooh ride and watched the Mickey and his Wondrous Book show while waiting. I enjoyed the latter as many princesses appeared in the show, along with the songs from their stories. The context was that Olaf had fallen from his page in the book and Mickey and Goofy were trying to help him find his page. As they flipped through the pages of the book, they met the different princesses.

Another indoor ride that you truly loved was It's a Small World. We missed it during our first visit as it was located at the far end of the park. This time, I made sure that I brought you and you were all smiles on the boat ride. You tried to identify the countries and some Disney characters. We went on it a total of three times! Thankfully, it was not crowded at all and we even had a fast pass from the hotel.

When the outdoor rides were open, we went to Toy Story Land and took the Slinky the Dog ride. You were so brave to go on the parachute ride too. A man sitting next to you gave you a thumbs up as we were belting up.

Another ride you wanted to go on many times was the Orbitron ride at Tomorrow Land. I was quite tired by then and obliged you with one ride. It was nice to feel the breeze against our faces.

After a magical day, we decided to return to our hotel, but we realised from the people lining the avenue that there was going to be a show. We joined the crowd and were thrilled when the walls were painted in colourful hues and Mickey appeared to bid farewell to his fans!

We really enjoyed ourselves! Although it drizzled and the rides were close for part of the day, it meant we did not have to walk under the summer sun nor queue up for any ride for long as most people probably stayed indoors. We found out later that schools were closed in some parts of Hong Kong due to the typhoon! Praise God for keeping all of us safe.

Love, Mama.

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