Friday, 10 August 2018

A Miracle

I hesitated to share this as it would exhibit my ignorance, but finally decided to write as it is a wonderful testimony of God's protection.

Last week, J's friend gave him some water crystals. His friend told him that the crystals would expand when placed in water and suggested that J stored them in his water bottle. He also said they were 99% water and were edible. True enough, the crystals expanded in water and they looked like jelly by the time J arrived home from school that day. He gave one to Little An and me to try. I was totally clueless to what they were and thought the balls resembled the lychee burst balls that we loved at Sogurt. I am ashamed to say that all of us consumed one ball each that day.

It was only when I heard J and another friend talking the next day that I realised the 'jelly' we had eaten were water babies and they were not supposed to be eaten! Upon searching the internet, Lyndon and I found that some children had gone for surgery to remove the expanded balls as their intestines were blocked! The balls could expand to more than 100 times their original size. I felt extremely horrible for my ignorance and was very worried for the children. We requested for the prayers of our friends.

We kept two of the 'jelly' balls in case we needed to show them to a doctor. The next day, I was curious to see how much the balls had expanded in the cup of water we had placed them in. To my amazement, the balls were tinier than I had ever seen them. They had shrunk instead of expanded! I told the children that God had shown us this miracle to assure us that the balls would not harm us. J exclaimed that this was the first miracle he had ever seen. Little An also understood as we were reading about how Gideon had asked God for two signs to confirm his calling. God is great! I am reminded to pray for God's protection on my loved one

The water crystals after two days in water

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