Lyn and I love travelling. After J (and now An) was born, our itineraries have become much more kid-friendly, and I thank God for the opportunity to explore new places. Here are some places we have visited:


Melbourne (Jun 2010)

Melbourne (Dec 2014)

Perth (Jun 2015)

China / Hong Kong / Taiwan

Hong Kong and Macau (Dec 2008)

Hong Kong (Mar 2016)

Taiwan (May 2018)

Hong Kong Disneyland (Jun 2018)

Taiwan (Dec 2018) 


Nagoya (Nov 2017)


Legoland (Jun 2014) 

Penang (Jun 2014)

Puteri Harbour (Oct 2014)

Angry Birds Activity Park (Mar 2015)

Fraser's Hill (Jun 2016)

Penang (Dec 2016)

Putrajaya- District 21 (May 2017)

Langkawi (Jun 2017)


Phuket (Jun 2012) 

Chiangmai (Dec 2015)

United Kingdom 

England and Wales (Jun 2013)

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